I.S.M. Instant Sales Monitor

The sales network is the heart of every business.

Efficiently managing the entire sales process can be overwhelming, and unfortunately what passes between lead generation and closing sales is sometimes an obscure matter. And, worst of all, sometimes it’s not that your sales team doesn’t perform as you wish: the problem is they can’t.

What you would need, is an easy-to-use and affordable SaaS system empowering you with the smartest tools to capture, track and follow up your leads. An all-in-one solution capable of providing you with Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), VoIP integration, Website integration, Business Intelligence features... and much more, all accessible through the web with your browser.

The good news is now you can.

I.S.M. in short


ISM is the new cloud software allowing you to consolidate your data, and to organize and manage your company’s valuable contacts through each phase: from lead generation, to profiling and deal monitoring, to the automatic quote creation and reporting. ISM allows you for a better time management, measuring and increasing your performance and efficiency.


A simple CRM can be a solid backbone for your sales activities. But if your target is to better organize and streamline your sales and marketing activities, I.S.M. is what you’re looking for. A powerful hybrid combining Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation features for the ultimate tool to make your company more profitable.


Cloud computing is the new standard in any kind of business and company nowadays, with a wide variety of services being offered and even more benefits deriving from this new technological era. No need of time consuming implementations or geographical limitations. Bring your office with you wherever you go: all it takes is a web browser, and I.S.M.


Thanks to Voip integration, it's now possible to forget about your phone while making cold calls, follow ups, surveys. Your phone operators will be able to make more calls than ever, and you will have the chance to listen to calls in real-time, and even to make suggestion only audible to the operator. All you need is one click away from you, including automated sms and emails.

Why I.S.M.


Https protocol
Password management and security criteria
Users, profiles and group management
Rights management
Easy access with any mobile device
VoIP integration
Full cloud architecture


Real-time operators overview
Phone calls recording
Possibility to listen to ongoing calls and give suggestions in real-time
Shared agenda between agents and phone operators
Appointment synchronization on calendar and agenda
Automatic quote generation
Automatic order generation
Text messages and e-mail notifications for new scheduled appointment


Invoices and Quotes
Orders reception
Operators and agents payroll data
Cash flow management by bank
Cash flow forecasting


Master data and customers portfolio
Teleselling Campaign management
Appointment Campaign management
Email Campaign management
Multi website management
Products master data
Mail Marketing


Sales funnel
Report – Telephone operators
Report – Telesellers
Report – Sales Agents
Report – Sales
Sales Agents performances charts
Operators’ cost charts
Calls/Meetings/Cancellations charts
Sent text messages/e-mails charts


Job ads management
Centralized resumes archiving
Search parameters
Evaluation tests creation
Automatic scoring calculation


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